How do I import a folder with contents directly into DTTG?

DTTG on iPadOS.

I would like to import a folder that contains files (PDFs stored On My iPad) directly into a database. Ideally, the folder should automatically become a group with the name of the folder, bypassing the Inbox.

I seems that I have to do the steps for the import entirely by brute force.

  • I cannot Share the folder to DTTG as a folder → it becomes a bookmark (that is then invalid).
  • I cannot Add a folder of content into DTTG.
  • Once the PDFs are imported into the Inbox for the database, I have to select them one at a time to move them into a group → I cannot see a way to do a Select All and move command.

Am I missing options that will make the import work as I hoped it should?


@DrJJWMac In iOS Apple “Files” app, I long pressed on a folder, then use picked “info”, then picked “move” which then gives me the option to copy into DEVONthink ToGo. I’m at this moment a little confused why the “move” results in a “copy”, but there you go.

Give it a try with a test folder…

I was pre-conditioned to think it would not work. Normally I’m a little bit more sceptical than that at first before exploring. I was indeed missing something. My bad.


I see my problem. I did not have DTTG toggled on in the Files app.



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