How do I jump through multiple Search Results within ONE doc

In a search/navigation related question, I must be missing something very very basic, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do the following:

I have 5 PDFs that show up as search result for a particular term. It’s nice I found these 5, but these PDFs are 10+ pages long, and have multiple instances of the search term in each. How can I jump through the results within just ONE of these PDFs, i.e. jump from p.1 to p.5 to p.33 in the same document?? To then of course go on to the next PDF… and jump through those results to find what I need?

For a single-term query, Command-G will scroll downwards to the next occurrence of the term.

I tried that - but I have a multiple term search, put in double quotes ;-( and then CTRL-G does not work. Thanks for your speedy reply, but is there a solution for this multi-term search?

OK. This is a bit clumsy, but works for me.

I’ve done a search on an exact string containing multiple terms and have enclosed it in quotation marks in Search, e.g., “divergent natural selection”.

When I select a search result, the displayed document scrolls down to the first occurrence of that string. Any other occurrences below the first occurrence are also highlighted, but pressing Command-G doesn’t scroll down to the next one.

Trick: Press Command-F to open Find. Your search string has already been entered. Delete the enclosing quotation marks. Now press the Next button.

Edit: Here’s a better approach:

As the search string is already highlighted, use the command to move to the next highlight, Go > Next Highlight (Control-Command-Right Arrow). The Previous Highlight shortcut is Control-Command-Left Arrow.

This was the exact thing I was looking for! Thank you.


Could the cycling back and forth of search results within one document not be mapped to the standard left and right arrow keys on the keyboard? would be more straightforward than Command-G and Shit-Command-G