How do I keep a folder on my mac synced w. a DTP folder?

I hope that this question hasnt already been answered - I did search- but I’ve been wondering how to keep a folder on my mac synced with a replica folder in DTP 2.0?

Perhaps someone cough GuruBill? :slight_smile: could recommend a more elegant solution to this workflow —

Specifically my scenario is this:
I have a folder on my mac for every class I’m taking this quarter. Nested within these directories are 2-4 simple sub-dir’s i.e Lecture Notes, Writing Assignments, Ancillary Research etc.

currently - due to my relative dtp ignorance - I am manually copying each file into my DTP database after each class.

Any ideas for solutions? Any that incorporate Dropbox?

  • Thanks in Advance

File -> Index and then select the folders (probably each of the individual ones for your classes, or if they themselves reside in a higher order folder, I would probably index that one). Then, every our or so, you would go File -> Synchronize (or just do the folder shortcut), and your files/folders would get updated in DT.

This is exactly what I do and it works quite well. For example, I have a main “Teaching” folder on my hard drive, and within it I have individual folders for the classes I teach. “Teaching” is indexed in DT, and it gets synchronized pretty much every day. (I also do the same for “Research” and “Admin”.)

Hope this helps -