How do I manually resize images and auto-link web addresses in formatted notes?


I’m increasingly using DEVONthink Pro for note keeping but there are 2 small limitations/irritations at present:

Firstly, if I drag or copy an image into a document (usually a photo) it’s always huge and unwieldy on the screen. it fits the width of the window but that is still too big. I can’t seem to find a way of resizing the image. Is there one?

Also, it would be helpful if I type or copy/paste a web address for it to automatically become a link without having to “add a link”. Is there a way of doing this?

Thanks in advance

No, you have to resize the image before adding it. Version 3 only introduces an option to scale images (in rich text, Markdown and formatted notes) or to display the full size.

Where did you copy the link?

Thanks so much for prompt reply.

I’ve tried to copy a web address from the browser address bar and paste it into a formatted note. It doesn’t automatically create a hyperlink. So I then have to “Add Link” and paste the copied web address into the “Add Link” prompt as well. This creates a hyperlink in the note.

Basically it would just be helpful if DEVONthink recognised a web address and automatically created a hyperlink whether I copied a web address into the note or typed it in directly.

Hope that makes sense.

Also. How do images scale in DEVONthink 3? Am trying to figure that out.

DEVONthink doesn’t support scaling on its own but it’s scriptable (see e.g. Scripts > Images).

Thanks but I’m in a note trying to select an image and use the images script but nothing is happening. AM I doing something wrong? How exactly does one use the Images scripts. I’m clicking on ‘Scale to 50%’ as well as some other scripts - but nothing is happening

The scripts support only images inside the database, not images inside notes.