How do I move a file from the Inbox into a folder?

The file is in the Inbox. And some more are as well. Suddenly it comes to my mind to group all those files into one folder. I create the folder (aka group). I want to move the existing files into that folder. I have not yet found how to do so. Am I overlooking something?

I just select them and drag to the folder where thy belong.

Thanks for your help. Are you talking about the iPad / iPhone version?

I have my inbox. 2 files in my inbox, 1 empty folder in my inbox. If I tap on the inbox (landscape modus) those 3 elements are shown on the left pane. In the right pane the content of the highlighted element is displayed.

If I try to tap hold and drag an element nothing happens but the left pane moving a little bit up or down. Not able to drag any file to anywhere.

With regard to DEVONthink to Go, see

My Mistake I thought this was in the main DT forums. :frowning:

I only move stuff when I’m at my Mac, my portable devices are strictly for reading not for editing and very rarely for gathering, sorry!