How do I move all of my database content out of Devonthink?

I’ve been giving DEVONthink a good work-out over the last year. I’ve concluded that unfortunately it is not working for me and I need to work out how to move my data out of this database tool. I can’t see a menu item and search hasn’t given me any pointers, alas. Could someone point me to a resource that might help me to plan exporting all of my data?



File/Export/Files and Folders...

Page 134 of the current DEVONthink Manual:

Files and Folders: Exports the selected documents in their native format. Groups are exported as Finder folders, preserving the group structure you have built in DEVONthink. DEVONthink tags are applied as Finder tags to the exported files. Internal metadata for the items is preserved in invisible .DEVONtech_storage files, used for reimporting into DEVONthink. If you will not be reimporting the exported files, you can safely delete .DEVONtech_storage files.


I’ve always found those DEVONtech_storage files to be visible after export. No period at the beginning.