How do I move my files into DEVONthink 3 from 2?

I’ve purchased the 3.0 Devonthink Pro upgrade. Is there a way to migrate my files automatically?

You can simply open the databases in DT3 (File, Open Database…)
For safety, you should back up your DT2 databases just in case. I copied mine to a new folder, and open them in DT3 from there.
Note that the Global Inbox isn’t automatically. migrated from DT2 into DT3 - it sits in your user library on the Mac in a DT2 folder and it’s left there so DT2 can see it, if you go back to DT2. DT3 creates its own global inbox in its own Library folder.

2 ways to get the Inbox over: (1) Go into your user Library and copy the Inbox.dtBase2 file from ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONThink Pro 2 to ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONThink 3 or (safer, to my mind), create a new database in DT2 called something like Inboxcopy), copy the global Inbox contents to it, close DT2 and open the new database in DT3.

DON"T have DT2 and 3 open at the same time

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small detail — question to @cgrunenberg --> is it only in the beta, that devonthink 3 databases have still a .dtbase2 ending? (I know that you did not do any database changes between DT 2 and 3, but would it not make sense either to remove the version number from the file type, or to use the correct version number?

Thank you to both of you. 2 of 3 had no problem. Third one working on n

.dtBase was used by version 1.x, .dtBase2 is just the second format of DEVONthink’s databases and extended by version 3.