How do I put new files in a specified folder


I have a folder called In Box. When I for example surfing I would all data put into DT to automatically be stored in the In Box folder.

In Preferences/Import at the bottom there is a check New Box folder selection function. In this box I have selected In Box as my folder.

despite this, new data entered ignores the In Box folder and is created within the pane as usually.

Help to resolve this will be most welcome



Selection of the destination group is working for me.

Open your DT Preferences > Import pane again and check to make sure your preferred destination group is selected. If not, reset it. I also have the Select (and display) automatically checkbox checked. Now close Preferences.

Note: From the top view of DT I usually double-click on the chosen destination group to create a separate window for that group. Helps me verify that new material has been captured to it.

Hint: To rapidly switch between open DT views, I use the default setting of Expose – move the cursor to the upper right corner of your screen to see mini-versions of your open DT view windows, click on the desired window. Presto – you are there.

Hi Bill_DeVille,

Thanks for your help. I have everything set correctly in preferences.

If I double click on my In Box folder I can of course produce notes in it.

If I don’t click on the folder but leave it in the main tree view, new notes will not automatically be created in my In Box folder.

Are you saying that you can achieve this without Opening the desired folder.


Looks like a bug. I find that if I don’t open the desired import group as a separate view, the imports do go the the top level!


The function I was having problems with are not for adding notes but is used with Services. I Can’t take the credit for this I got the information from DevSupport.

Quote : This options applies for notes taken using the services, not for
imported documents.

Still looks like a bug, to me. :slight_smile: I expect imports as well as captured notes to go the the folder I’ve designated in Import preferences, whether or not I’ve “opened” the destination window.

Yes I agree with you. Once set in the preferences, Any new notes no matter how they are initiated should be created in the selected folder, otherwise one is always going to be looking for where they have landed. Perhaps this can be addressed in a future update.


This message was posted in Dec 2004 and DeVille thought it was a bug in DevonThink. I am still having the same problems with DevonThink 1.3 beta2 many years later and wonder if anything has changed since then? Have I missed out on something? Having preference>import>new notes> properly working would be very helpful for me. Thanks for any hints how to deal with this problem.

Hi, chering. I’ve designated via Preferences > Import my ‘Incoming’ group as the destination for new content.

So any new content resulting from Web browsing additions from the DT Pro built-in browser or from DEVONagent’s browser (rich text of selected text/images, HTML page or WebArchive) are sent to my designated folder.

Likewise, from Safari rich text or plain text captures using Services (e.g. using the Command-) keyboard shortcut) are sent to my designated folder.

Files and folders captured by Index (File > Index) or Import (File > Import > Files & Folders) are set to my designated folder. Note, however, that items can be dragged to any desired location in the Groups floating panel, or to the Names column of a view window. Use drop & drag for the Import capture mode, or Command-Option-drag & drop for the Index capture mode.

In DTPO, selected message(s) or mailboxes sent via the ‘Add to DEVONthink Pro Office’ command under the Message or Mailbox menus of Mail are sent to my designated folder.

But there are exceptions. Many items captured via scripts are sent to the top level of the database (unless the location can be hard-wired in the script, or user choice of location included in the script).

And if you are using DTPO’s File > Import > Email the selected mailbox will be archived at the top level of your database. This is by design.

Are you seeing different behavior?

Dear Bill,
thanks for this quick response. What you are describing is working fine and I do not have any problems with it. However, I use regularly DT just for jotting down notes and drafts, using the RichText icon in the tool bar. I would like these little bits and pieces which in the end belong to different projects and topics in a first step directly go into my inbox>drafts folder. I have set up my inbox folder with inside this folder a drafts folder (amongst others) but when I use DT Preferences>Import>Inbox>Drafts, nothing happens and DT puts the new RichText file at the bottom of all the folders in the left column. (If these folder are expanded I have to go far down in order to find my new file.) I have made sure in Data Base Properties that this data base is the Default Database. I have also noticed that I can highlight the Drafts folder first before I click on RichText in the toolbar and then my new notes goes directly into my Inbox Draft folder. But this defeats not only the purpose of the DT Preference>Import choices but adds a step which can easily forgotten while trying to capture ideas.
Thanks again for your help.

Hi, Christoph. I think most users prefer the current behavior when a new rich text document is created, which is to place it in the selected group.

You might experiment with some alternative ways of displaying and switching between multiple open view windows.

You can set DT Pro’s Preferences > General - Interface: to always open groups in a new window (when double-clicked).

I usually have several group view windows, and perhaps also some document windows open at the same time, including

  • The top-most view
  • My Incoming group view
  • My Boomarks group view
  • My Scientific Journals group (a subgroup in the Bookmarks group)
  • My current writing project group
  • My journal notes document, a running log of notes.

I’ve set System Preferences for Exposé so that on my MacBook Pro I can use the trackpad to ‘swoop’ the cursor to the upper right of the screen, then click on the DT Pro window I’d like to make frontmost. On my Power Mac G5 with a Mighty Mouse, clicking the scroll button performs the same action, displaying all the windows that are open in DT Pro. Exposé is wonderful. :slight_smile:

So, for example, I can quickly create new text documents in my Project view, which is where I will be working with them. That’s better than having to move them out of my Incoming group to the place I want them.

In your example, simply double-click on your Drafts group. Whenever you want to place new notes or clippings there, bring it to the front and create the new text document(s).

You might also experiment with the virtues of the Three-Panes view (which I use for my top-level and Incoming views) and the Vertical Split view, which I prefer for writing and editing when in my Project group.

I implemented your ideas. It solved all my problems and added great flexibility to my work flow. Thank you very much for your time and help. Help like that makes one appreciate DevonThink even more. (I have stopped using other programmes like NoteBook, Yojimbo, etc and gained peace of mind and lots of time.)

Yeah, thanks Bill! :slight_smile: I too have multiple windows open most of the time and never really use Expose all that often. I think I’ve seen you give this tip before but never really tried it out. Works great.