How do I relink orphaned files / repair a database manually

How do I relink orphaned files and repair a database?

Verify & Repair: Tells me -> Found 0 inconsistencies, 0 incorrect checksums, 29 missing and 18 orphaned files.

I hit repair and it says Reparation failed, with 47 errors remaining.

Rebuild Database, rebuilds and still leave me with errors?

I am really trying to trust the system, but frustrated that I cannot solve these seemingly basic database issues?


It’s not possible to repair missing files and rebuilding will just skip them. However, repairing should add the orphaned files again to the database. You could select the failed files in the Log window, choose “Show In Finder” in the contextual menu, move them to the desktop and try to import them.

What causes a file to become orphaned?

You can open the DevonThink log (journal) and find the complete path and name of the orphaned files. Then you can “Show Package Contents” within your database file, and retrieve and move the 18 orphaned files onto the Desktop, whereby you can reimport them into DevonThink.

As for the missing files, I am not able to help as this has never occurred on my system.

quite easy with 18 orphaned files - but I have 610 files spread over dozens of subfolders after repair, and they do not appear in the folder called “Orphaned Files”

my idea was to import them all, look if they are blue (= duplicates), and delete them.

no other way to import them all at once?