How do I resolve the numeric indicator?

Next to one of my databases I see this:


Yet, I can’t seem to figure out what this is referring to. If I click on the number, nothing happens. I can’t find out what “new” file it may be referring to.

How do I fix this and get the “1” to go away?


You could create a smart group to find out what the unread item is:


Brilliant. That worked. I figured there had to be a simpler way.

Appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

Another possibility would be a toolbar search for item:unread

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Very non-intuitive way of figuring this out.

IMHO – You should have a smarter way, like simply right-clicking on the item count or hovering over it and seeing the item(s) - without needing to resort to spotlight commands or creating a smart folder.


This is the internal search, not Spotlight.

Thanks for the correction. However, the main point is that there should be a simpler more obvious way to complete user-centric goals (see Alan Cooper’s excellent UI books, for example).