How do I return to where I was

I am going through a lot of files based on a specific query. I read some, highlight some, trash others.
If, for some reason, I leave the viewing window, and go to another window (e.g. empty trash), when I return to the viewing window I have lost my place. Is there any way to get back to the file I was reading without starting at the top and going down till I find it.


You can navigate back and forth through the item list’s previous locations in the Path bar above the item list…


Thank you very much. I was getting so frustrated.


Actually, that helps get me to the file I was reading (on the bottom window) but on the top window, where all the file names are, it starts at the beginning. Is there a way to get back to the file NAME (i.e. the top window, without searching from the top.


There are navigation buttons above the item list and also the view/edit pane. They each control their own domain. One navigates the locations; one navigates the documents.

If you have the file displayed in the view/edit pane, you can choose Data > Reveal or press Command-R.

Got it. Thanks twice.

You’re welcome…
You’re welcome