How do I save Web content in one file?


I am brand new to DevonThink Pro Office, so apologies in advance for my ignorance …

I am switching from Evernote and want to use DT primarily to clip Web content. I want to download a paginated PDF and any embedded videos or audio from a page. To keep things simple, I would like all of these elements to be imported into the one DT file.

I do not want to compromise by having a Web Archive with embedded video, nor do I want to link indexed video in a separate folder. I want all of the elements imported into DT so nothing is missing when I’m accessing files remotely.

It seems to me, the ‘best’ solution is to create two files – one for the Web text and one for the video. I could give these the same name to avoid confusion or perhaps put both files into a separate Group.

As you can see, this is a poor compromise. I hope you can offer a real solution.

Many thanks in advance.

Downloading video isn’t part of the Clipping extension’s functionality. In any case, there’s no built-in function for what you’re trying to do, and your idea of grouping the files together is a logical one.

Many thanks for confirming, Jim.

It’s a shame there isn’t an elegant solution. Hopefully one day.


No problem.