How do i search for IMAGES only in DEVONagent Pro?

How do I search for IMAGES only in DEVONagent Pro?

I end up back in Google Chrome when I need to find an image or images. Is there a way of doing it in DEVONagent Pro?

Look at the the Scanner dropdown in the Settings for a Search or Search Set.

PS: DEVONagent isn’t for quick one-off searches. It is made for deeper, assisted mining. You may get faster results from Google.

If you’re looking for thumbnail galleries, then you might use a scanner (see Jim’s suggestion). Or if you’re searching for images and the main criteria to filter results is the primary/secondary search term, then you might try e.g. the Images plugin. But if you’re scanning images visually to find the right one, then you should probably still use the image search of a search engine.