How do I set two different sort types?

I’d like to have my main lists sorted alphabetically by name, but I want the email archive group to sort by date (because I’m WAY too used to seeing the messages sorted in the order they arrived). No matter what I do, every time I change the sort it changes EVERYTHING - what am I doing wrong, or is this not possible with DT? I’m using Pro Office, if that makes a difference…

Thanks so much!


Why not open your email archive group in its own view window? It can have whatever sort order you wish.

I find it useful to have several views and documents open at the same time. I’ve got Exposé set so that a swoop of the cursor to the upper right of the screen displays the database’s open windows. It’s easy to select the one I want to bring to the foreground.

At the moment DT Pro Office has 22 open windows – several of them are pictures.