How do I set up a default selecton in three pane view?

When I select a group in the “three panes” view I get a list of items held by the group in the upper right pane and a grey rectangle holding the text “no selection” in the lower right pane. Is there any way of specifying a default selection so that when I select a group in the left pane the lower right pane can hold some descriptive text about what the group is used for for example an introduction if the group holds files for a project

This is probably so easy (or so impossible) that I can’t find out how to do it on the forums or help.

I’m not aware of a way to do that, or of a very persuasive reason to do it.

Here are two reasons why I am looking for this.

  1. I tend to group files according to project. It is often a long time before I go back to look at old projects. It would be nice to have a summary or index open automatically when I click on the group. The workaround is to have a file called index, summary or something equally memorable. I would click on the group then click on the index or summary file. That’s two clicks rather than one.

  2. I wanted to use the wiki style links to create documentation within a group. Again it would be very nice to have the home page of the wiki open automatically when clicking on the group.

If it’s not possible it’s no big deal but it just looked like something that should have been so possible that I was assuming that I’d just missed it.

If you wish to describe the purpose and use of the contents of a group, it’s a simple matter to enter that information into the Comment field of the group’s Info panel.

Select the group, and the description is only one click away (the Info button in the toolbar).

Neat tip – one I had not thought of before.