How do I set up links?

I am having trouble setting up links between two documents as the “Make link” command in format menu is greyed out. I want to be able to click on a specified word to open another document which also contains that word. Many thanks for any help on this one.

The ‘Link To’ command isn’t available unless selected text could be modified by DEVONthink’s text editor. Selected text in a rich text document can be modified, but not selected text in a PDF document. The ‘Link To’ command can be used to create Wiki Links. If another document in the database doesn’t have the same Name as the selected text string, a new document with that Name will be created as the target of the link.

Creating hyperlinks is generally done within rich text documents. The target of the link can be any kind of document — text, PDF, JPEG, a spreadsheet or word processing file, etc.

After selecting text in a rich text document, Control-click (right click) and and choose ‘Link To’. Navigate to the desired target document.

When the text of a link is selected in a rich text document, the contextual menu options ‘Edit Link’ and ‘Remove Link’ are available.

Thanks Bill, that is really helpful :smiley: