How do I sync the inbox of a database? (not global inbox)


I am not a real heavy user (yet) and I have probably a very simple question. Perhaps this question has been already answered, I couldn’t find the right one, so sorry for asking again.

When I sync my folders from different databases to DTTG (putting a replicant to the mobile snyc folder), the content of the database inboxes isn’t synced.

How can I fix that?

Thanks for helping me


That’s currently not possible, but DEVON has stated that syncing the entire database (including the database inbox) will be possible with the new sync procedure that they are working on for DEVONthink to Go 2.

Dear Greg,

thanks for that information.
I even missed data from the global inbox in DTTG.
I now copied all my data from the database inbox to a new group. This group can now be synced to DTTG.
But this way, my inbox in the database gets (more or less) useless.

So I am waiting for a better solution with the upcoming upgrades.


This is indeed a really strange omission. I see no technical reason for it. Since DTTG plays a big role in my DT use, early on I adopted a workaround:

In general, I capture everything to the Global Inbox. Then, in a dedicated session, things get moved to DBs and then grouped/tagged and otherwise taken care of. The first thing is to move items from the Global Inbox to the various DBs I used. I do not use the DB inboxes for that though. I create a new group, say “in_myDB” in the mobile sync folder of “myDB”. Effectively, it acts as a full fledged, local inbox, and it gets synced to DTTG.