How do I sync???

I am excited about the new sync feature except I don’t understand how to do anything?

I’d like to sync my devonthink databases on a imac and macbook please, if I can from a apple time capsule on my own network, which has a disk I could use?

Could someone please explain how to do this in some way that makes sense to a person without a huge amount of networking knowledge?

If I can’t use my time capsule then what else? I have icloud but it says that then won’t work with the iOS version.

Sorry this is incredibly confusing to me and not at all obvious :frowning: What is a syncstore even?

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

Have you read Help > Documentation > Preferences > Sync? This is available in the full help Manual here. Or in DEVONthink > Preferences > Sync press the Question Mark icon for immediate access to the help section on Sync.

I agree, they don’t make clear what a “sync store” is. In my non-techinical understanding of it I think it’s basically just a folder on a remote location (i.e. Dropbox) that DEVONthink creates to manage syncing of a database to multiple devices. Think of it as a “sync storage location” because it stores the contents of your database. Each device syncs to the “sync store” and uploads and downloads changes necessary for that device. The advantage of a sync store is that all devices do not need to be on and connected to each other at the same time to sync the database. Also, it provides for a backup of your database on a remote location.

If a sync store stores the contents of a database then what is the difference between a database and a sync store?

The Sync store is not a package file, lacks the AI algorithms that are at the kernel of databases, and isn’t dynamically organized for performance like a database.

The Sync store may be safely stored on a cloud host. A database should not be stored on a cloud host, as it is likely to be damaged, perhaps permanently, in that venue.

To add to Bill’s comments:
A syncStore holds DEVONthink-specific, raw file data to reproduce a file or database on a machine running DEVONthink.


We do not advocate using Sync as a backup strategy, especially as the data is DEVONthink-specific (ie. you can’t go into the Sync data and retrieve any given file). If you want something you could dig into on the cloud, the only safe method is to use File > Export > Database Archive. This creates a ZIP file that can be safely put into your cloud account. The ZIP could then be retrieved and dissected (or used as is), if need be.
We strongly advocate observing proper primary backups using TimeMachine (or similar application) and local external drives.

I agree, I would not consider the sync store a primary backup strategy or accessible via any means other than with a copy of DEVONthink. On the other hand, I can take a new device running DEVONthink and link it to an existing sync store and download the full contents of the database and it is now there in full… So, in an absolute disaster like when the same huge fire here last year almost destroyed both my home and the home I keep offsite backups at 20 miles away I could get new computers and link them to my sync store on Dropbox and get all my data back. Correct?

So the sync store contains the metadata to keep two or more databases in sync and not te data itself - it this a precise understanding of a sync store?

@frmoses: Correct. You should be able to get your database from the Sync location in that instance.

@raveaxe: Nope. The Sync Location (Dropbox, WebDAV, local syncStores) contains all the info: metadata and contents.

I have the same problem. I am not a computer expert and have no wish to become one. I have been using DTPO for many years because it is simple and efficient. Only in the release notes did I happen to see: Note: The next-generation sync is NOT backward-compatible. It is necessary to delete existing sync stores and re-synchronize the databases. (What is sync store :open_mouth: ) I normally don’t read release notes.
Now when I open my database it just opens, only a lot faster than previously. Apparently it doesn’t synchronize anymore? Now what? If such a major change is implemented a bit more support would be very much appreciated. Yes, I have opened a support ticket.

After loads of trial and error and reading many of the threads on this same topic I’ve mostly gotten it to work a lot of the time but I did want to say that to a “normal” user which I guess that I am, it’s all incredibly confusing.

I get that the Devon sync is very powerful and has many options but I’m honestly not used to having to read through many posts and manual pages to figure out something that’s a very common thing most people want to do. This is not a complaint about how syncing works it seems to work fine for me now, but the setup process is sort of horrible and geared to very advanced users. It might be much friendlier to add a panel or two that says something like:

Do you want to sync with dropbox, icloud, etc
or do you want to sync on your own local network

and then walk you through the process instead of dropping you into a horribly confusing panel which is incomprehensible without reading the manual. It’s been a lot of years since I needed to read a manual to figure out how to use software.