How do I use the application scripts for DEVONthink?

I would like to use the available AppleScript Check Links.scp. I can see it but I do not know how to actually run it where it takes action. I am new to AppleScript so I am surely doing something wrong.

I tried selecting a number of things then running it from the script editor. I thought perhaps the script would capture the selected records for action.

How should I use this one?

The Menu scripts are used by the Scripts menu, the Reminders scripts by the “Execute Script” action of the Annotations & Reminders inspector and the Smart Rules scripts by the “Execute Script” action of smart rules. See e.g. this weekly smart rule:

You should check out the Help > Documentation > Automation chapter. there’s a lot of good information in the Help, especially this chapter.


Thank you! :smile:


You’re very welcome. Enjoy!