How do links work from different locations?

I’m trying to set up mindmap and project planning systems where the various nodes will have links to DT objects that relate to each item. I want to use DT as the back end to store the data and have links to it in other applications. The thing is that I want all of this to be available from my various client computers - laptop, desktop, and ideally iPad. How do links work in this case? Assuming I get the other apps to synchronize so that the same data are visible from where-ever I am, and the links are there, is it possible to have the links point to the right thing inside the DT database (assuming that syncs also), no matter which machine I’m on?

As long as DEVONthink or DEVONthink to Go and the databases with the linked documents are available on a device, x-devonthink-item: links will work on all platforms.

Hi mlevin77,

May I ask what mind map application you are using? (I’m in the process of finding out what is achievable in this context as well, mostly thinking of cross application metadata hopefully getting across like tags… )

so there’s not an issue with the path? Let’s say the main hard drive is named differently on the different clients, so the link won’t contain filesystem path info that will be wrong sometimes?

DEVONthink “item links” (x-devonthink-item://7AEFF17B-B9BC-4E17-A983-A3293B95CF8D) neither contains nor needs path info. The portion of the link after the slashes is a unique identifier for a document. When the link is clicked, the operating system (OS X or iOS) send the info to DEVONthink, which determines if it knows about a document with that ID. If yes, the document opens.

I haven’t settled on one - Tinderbox or TheBrain is what I’m thinking of.