How do Replicants work in an indexed database/folder

Hi All,

I use a dropbox folder that I Index in DT3… I am at the point where I think replicants will work well for me… I have 2 very similar courses that use a lot of the same materials. I guess I could also make Tagged Smart Groups (everything is tagged), but I want to try the replicants feature. Anything I should be aware of? Do replicants work in the indexed databases and if so, what appears in the finder?


Indexed items can of course be replicated too but in this case the structure isn’t mirrored in the Finder.

This isn’t what I see in DTP3. If I replicate an indexed item from within DT, a second copy is created in the finder folder. This is fine w/ me, as I much prefer the tighter integration w/ the OS filesystem, but I just want to understand what you mean here, as it’s not what I see. Thank you.

What I’ve noticed with DT is that replicants of indexed files are not mirrored in the finder if they are replicated in other indexed folder. I understand this is to avoid a duplication of the file in the finder, which would be very messy, but at the same it is quite problematic because then the content of indexed folders does not reflect what we see in DT. Also, if an indexed folder is “moved to external folder” (meaning files are moved to the folder in the finder, a type of consolidation), the file is removed from the original folder… It makes it very difficult to keep a coherent finder structure. Wouldn’t it be possible for DT to create in the indexed folders aliases of files that exists in other indexed folders, so at least everything looks in place when looking at finder folders? (and when “consolidating” a folder, maybe shifting the file and aliases between folders?)

I couldn’t reproduce this so far. How do you actually replicate the item (e.g. to which group), what’s the path of the item and of the destination group?

Same here. In all the years I have been indexing documents, in DT2 and DT3, I’ve never seen replicated indexed documents duplicated in the Finder.

I swear that I was doing this the other day while trying to learn how DT3 works, but I have no idea which folder/group I was in, and I can’t replicate it now. So it’s possible that I just screwed up, in which case my apologies for wasting your time. If I see it again, I’ll keep track of precisely how to reproduce the behavior. In the meantime, thank you for the quick reply.