How do you activate 1Password within DEVONagent Pro3

In my bookmarks sidebar, 1password appears as a link to a java script that when clicked opens a window over the website. It asks for my access code which I type in (and know is correct) but does not ‘auto submit’ or activate with a return (i.e.) no ‘submit’ button. If I reinstall 1password extensions for Safari will it correct the problem? Is 1password no longer working in DAP?

Unfortunately DA and 1Password do not play nice. If you check the forums here and at agilebits, you can find an explanation. I don’t use DA as much because of this. Only workaround is to keep 1Password open and copy and paste out of it.

Keith Lockhart
Gr8WhiteNorth Consulting

That is what I am doing. The java script came from Safari’s bookmarks. The same problem occurred when I updated MAC OS. iBank ceased to handled 1Password as well when accessing bank sites. It is an Apple restriction. Just thought there was a work around.