How do you edit or delete favorite styles?

I wonder if someone can help me, as I’m sure there is an easy answer to this one …

I have added a number of “styles” to the “favorite styles” pop-up menu on the text ruler, which I use all the time. These styles are system-wide and seemingly available to any cocoa applications that use a text ruler … but I just haven’t been able to figure out how to remove styles that are no longer needed. I’m sure the answer must be very straightforward … but it isn’t obvious to me … so can anyone help by explaining what to do?

If you can explain, I’d really appreciate it.


Choose "Styles > Other…", click on "Favorite Styles", select a favorite and "Remove From Favorites" will be available afterwards.

Thanks for that insight Christian!!!

It’s still a bit obscure to find, so let’s hope Apple makes it a bit more intuitive in future OS releases.


I’m confused as to why you can’t turn on the ruler in the main view- you have to double click to go to the document view to turn it on. Then when you go back to the main view, you see it there, but you can’t turn it off  ???

Toggling the ruler is currently only possible if the text view (e.g. the right side of the "Note Pad" view) has the focus, e.g. after clicking inside this view. Version 1.9 will improve this.