How do you get stuff from DT To Go into Devonthink on your M

Having given up on Devonthink To Go when i first tried it some while ago, I thought I’d give it another go. No problem syncing from Devonthink Pro on my Mac TO Devonthink To Go.

But I want to make notes and clippings on my iPad and then transfer them TO Devonthink Pro. However, whenever I create new text Inbox items on my iPad in DT To Go and perform a sync, they never seem to turn up in Devonthink Pro, unless they’re hiding somewhere I haven’t looked.

As you can create New Inbox Items in DT To Go there surely must be a way of transferring them to Devonthink. I’m sure I’m missing something easy but would be grateful if somebody could explain what.

Select View > as Split , View > as Widescreen.

Thanks for you reply, but that doesn’t appear to help.

I’ve just deleted DT To Go from my iPad and reinstalled, done a quick new text note and synced. All the items in the mobile sync folder in DT Pro appear on the iPad in DT To Go but the text note doesn’t seem to appear on my computer in DT Pro.

Where ought it to turn up? I included a complicated word and did a separate search but that didn’t find it either.

They should show up directly in your Global Inbox, or the root of a separate database.


Very strange. Didn’t work yesterday. DOES work today,for which am very grateful.

Can you face another question? Can I delete those sample text files ON my iPad or has that to happen by syncing and then deleting them on my Mac from DT Pro?

Once data is synced from DEVONthink TO Go to DEVONthink, it is essentially locked in DEVONthink To Go. You’ll need to remove it from DEVONthink, and the items will be removed from DEVONthink To Go on the next sync.

Useful to know. Thanks for the help.