How do you keep track of ongoing processes or developments in DEVONthink?

Hi all,

amongst other things, I store documents related to ongoing developments or processes in DEVONthink.

An example insurance contracts that are being amended with new contractual terms over time, and I want to preserve all documents received over the years but have a quick overview of the current state of the contract.

Another, different yet similar example is that I follow many projects on the web, say for amateur satellite ground stations. I want to keep an overview of all of their development, storing their respective web archives, but still have a quick overview of the “state of the art” in that field.

What I use at the moment is a descriptive wiki file at the top of the archival hierarchy combined with a colour label that I call “project head”. This might look like the following:

Woodworm insurance
  - Woodworm insurance wiki
  - Documents
    - Contract original
    - Contract amended 2005 (exclusion of soft wood)
    - Contract amended 2013 (exclusion of termites)
    - Contract amended 2016 (exclusion of wood used in construction) [project head]
   - Invoices

I’m not quite happy with that approach, since it means lots of manual changes every time a new document come in – I need to change the description and links in the wiki page, move the project head label and so on.

I was curious how you handle this, e.g. which workflows you use to (at the same time) keep an up-to-date overview of ongoing developments / projects and at the same time keep a complete historical archive.

Many thanks in advance!

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I use an applescript to generate a dynamic customized Table of Contents
A simple filter produces a file list, but it’s a jumble of filenames
The script produces an organized list, divided into sections, sorted, parsed, …

Here’s a sample project ToC