How do you make the outliner work?

i’ve read the manual and it says to select an item, and then click on the info panel.  i clicked on the “show info” button, the only one that resembles that description, and nothing related to outlining is there.  also it says that you can “toggle outline” from the contextual menu, but nothing of the sort appears when i control-click the item.  

thanks for your help.

These items have been renamed in the latest maintenance releases and are now call "Show/Hide Checkbox".

i continue to not see an option for "toggle checkbox," neither in the "show info" screen, nor in the contextual menu.  

Which localization do you use? There should be always two checkboxes in the info panel and one of them is named "Show Checkbox" (the one right above the "Touch" button).

What an educational thread this is !

I have only just now discovered the information panel, with the comments field. This thread inspired me to look for it !

However, the two checkboxes above "Touch" are labelled "Locked" and "Show State"

When I check the "Show state" box, it turns the icon for the item into a checkbox.

i’m using the american localization.  

and i saw the same thing.  “show state” which behaves in the outlining manner you’ve described.  is this a german-english tranlation problem or something?  i’d never know you guys are german, 'cause your english is so good.  

My fault - I didn’t remember the exact name of the english localization and it’s of course called “Show/Hide State” in both contextual menus and info panel.

And thanks for the compliment - we’re all germans :wink:

And that reminds me I wanted to ask if you’ve seen the film 79 qm DDR (a.k.a. Good bye, Lenin!), but that’s waaaay off-topic for the forum.

I’ve only seen a trailer on TV but didn’t see the movie - no time for movies, I’m (still) a workaholic :wink: But that’s really off-topic  ;D

Just don’t be a workaholic during your holiday. :slight_smile:
Have a great time off!

Didn’t work during the holidays but now I’m already starting to get a workaholic again :wink:

As you’re a quite active user and poster, are you interested in beta testing the latest builds of DEVONthink PE or Pro? Just curious :slight_smile:

Uhh, thanks for the offer.  I’ll send you e-mail about it later…