How do you say "Use THIS DB as root for links" in DTP?

So I copied ALL my groups from a buggy DB into a freshly created one. (This, IT SEEMS SO FAR, has fixed the problem where DTP constantly forgets the previous size and position of every window, so that I had to resize from a maxed-out window on the far-right of my screen EVERY time I opened one.)

Anyway … now I’ve got a new problem: the `x-devonthink-item’ links no longer work. They’re looking for their targets in the old, buggy database.

But the paths in the fresh DB are all the same: all the old hierarchies have been kept intact. How to I tell DTP to use the new DB as root, and not the bad one, which I’ve moved onto an external HD?

Otherwise, solution (3) from, which seems good so far, cannot be used!

The copied items no longer have the same UUID as their counterparts in the original database.

Copying an item to a different database will not ‘carry over’ any existing Item Link to that item.

However, I have successfully moved a previously linked item to a different database using the ‘Move To’ command. The link now referred to (and found) that document in its new location.