How do you use new DT3 features?

Hey, that’s the part that actually matters. If it ain’t broke dont fix it, right? I was just curious based on what I saw in there and wasn’t sure if you had tried it without that part included or if it would change the results at all.

Then again, that’s probably why I’m not much good when it comes to that kind of stuff.


My workflow is a slight variant. I used hazel as a first pass of all files in my Downloads folder in Finder. It will inspect the content and/name of all PDF files and then rename the filename to something unique before moving it into my DT inbox. There, a smart rule will match on the file name and move the file to the correct destination. I like this workflow because it significantly reduced the amount of time required to clear my Downloads folder.

A screenshot of your Hazel rule would be nice - I’m wondering right now whether a smart rule could handle all steps.

That, in fact, is exactly what I’m doing. I attach a screen shot of the Hazel rule. The reason I tend to rely on Hazel for automating renaming and moving downloads is that I find it’s rather more accurate than DT3 in identifying the relevant date in the pdf which I need to use to rename the file. The renaming options are (I believe) rather more versatile than those in DT3 (although that may just be a beginner’s lack of knowledge of DT3!).


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