How does "comments" in Info impact a doc

are "comments" searchable?  is there a way to make them viewable inside a document, rather then needing to click the "show info" button?  what was there original intention for use?  

Yes, comments are searchable by selecting Comments in toolbar Find options or Search dialog.   They were supposedly going to be displayed in different views starting in 1.8, as mentioned in this thread.

Comments are searchable (see search popup or panel) and DT im/exports Finder comments. But a future release will integrate them in all views and therefore one won’t need to open the info panel to view/edit them anymore.

Comments are displayed in column views (last column) and icon views (tooltips) too.

Thanks for your reply, and everyone’s patience as I occassionally ask questions that were answered in previous threads.  I usually do search the board before posting a question, but this one must of slipped past me.  

I noticed in the search options that you could only search for a url, or content, or comments, or name.  Would it be possible to search for +/-url, +/-content, +/- comments, +/-name?  in general, when i am searching, i’m thinking i’m searching for all of those, rather then only one of them.  it would be able to click on which ones i wanted to be included in the search.  


searching for multiple attributes at the same time will be possible in v1.9 (if we don’t rename the next release 1.8.2 to 1.9 - then it will be v1.9.x).

Searching forums can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. When I remember information’s been previously posted I usually like referring to it, if I can still find it, to reduce repetition and increase historic context.

The most powerful (but of course not the fastest) way to scan the forum is probably DEVONagent :slight_smile:

Talking of DEVONagent - expect major changes in Q3/04. V1.4 will introduce download & bookmark managers, around 60 new plugins, new views and lots of other changes. Maybe we’ll call this revision 2.0 - depends on the number of changes :wink: