How does DEVONthink compare to StickyBrain?

I have been using Sticky Brain 2 for over two years and am not at all happy with it.

I have just downloaded a trial copy of DEVONthink to see how it compares with SB2.

Do you have any sort of a comparison document that would show how these two products compare? I was a bit put off when I dragged a pdf file into a rich text item only to have that pdf file expand instead of stay as a file attachment (like you would see in an email program). But, I’ve only started using the product.

In any event, is DEVONthink sort of like a grown up StickyBrain? (only done better?)  :)

Thanks for your interest. Well, there are lots of differences but I guess the most important ones are that DEVONthink…

  • provides different views (icon/thumbnail, lists, columns etc.)
  • supports images, PDF documents, bookmarks
  • supports HTML/XML (V1.7.4 will use Apple’s WebKit and provide the possibility to browse within DT and capture pages/notes)
  • is a native Mac OS X application (using serives, Dock menus, lots of drag & drop etc.) and complies to Apple’s guidelines
  • uses the built in text editor of OS X which is getting more usable with every major OS X release
  • is able to find, compare or classify contents fast