How does Rebuild handle missing files?

My main DTPO DB has several missing files because when I set it up I indexed an entire folder, then separately imported the exact same files, then changed the external folder structure. (I didn’t know about “move into DB,” which is what I should have done w/ the indexed files.) Anyway, every missing file has a non-missing duplicate in the DB, so I’d really like to just trash all the missing ones. Can I do this automatically with Rebuild (or manual export/import to a new DB)? It would be optimal for me if Rebuild just jettisons missing files at some stage–either by not exporting them or not re-importing them. But does anyone know what happens to missing files during rebuild? Or if Rebuild retains them, would the manual equivalent (export, create new DB, import) leave them behind at some stage?

Or is there some other obvious/easy way to track down and delete a bunch of missing files? (I should mention that for annoying reasons the missing files have different names from their non-missing versions in the DB.)


no ideas anybody? :thinking:

Rebuilding a database removes references to missing files and has done this for many years now.