How does system process aliases?

okay, i have two quick questions for you all. some background: i’m working on a book and process a LOT of documents through lexis/feedly, which then are processed through hazel and end up in dt3 to be sorted in various databases. one thing that hazel does is find keywords in my documents and tag documents that will then go into dt3. i have two questions:

  1. let’s say i have a dt3 database called media, which has a tag called “abc.” that tag has an alias, “american broadcasting company”. a document is imported to the inbox with the tag “american broadcasting company.” i then move that document to the media database. i would expect that tag to become abc. but instead it seems to create a new tag in media, american broadcasting company, which confuses the system. is there an answer to this problem?

  2. is there any plan to make aliases follow the same logic as tags? in other words, tags can have a comma and aliases cannot. if this seems like a rare issue, i’d just flag that i’d bet a lot of people (including me) tag things with locations – so “city, st”, and i’d like to, for example, have a tag that says “fulton county, ga” but also have it find references of “fulton county, georgia.” and i don’t want to do smart rules for every county that has a repeat name (for example, maybe there’s a fulton county in georgia AND in north carolina so i couldn’t just use the alias fulton county). anyway, that’s a random example, but would love to know if there’s a plan to fix it so only semi-colons separate aliases. maybe it could be a preference?

anyway, those are my questions. i’ve had a lot of alias ones because i’m on a tear lately! thanks!

  1. The incoming file does not have an alias of “american broadcasting company”. It has a tag. Aliases are internal to DEVONthink, not a system-wide attribute.

  2. Development could weigh in on this but aliases are not tags nor are tags aliases. Just because you’re using them in a specific way, their behavior isn’t defined as supporting commas.

i think i said the incoming file has a tag of american broadcasting company not an alias. but yes i understand its not system wide - but is there a way or a plan for external tags that are aliases in dt3 to have said tags converted to, say, abc instead of american broadcasting company?

and yes, i understand im using them a specific way and the beauty of devonthink is they can be used many ways! but one of those ways includes as an alternative to tags, so it seems fairly logical/reasonable that the option could at least exist to use either just semicolons OR semicolons or commas. just an idea! thanks for your quick feedback!

You’re welcome.

There are no such plans at this time.

PS: The aliases aren’t functioning as tags. They are a essentially akin to a nickname for an existing tag.

Development would have to assess the feasibility of the requests.