How DT3 handles the annotation note of duplicate (and perhaps a suggestion...)

Just want to clarify the behaviour re the subject.
Scenario: I have a pdf file with an annotation note created in DT3 (in A&R pane) and I duplicate the pdf file to another group within the same database.

(1) I found that the annotation note is shared by both the original file and its duplicate. So, if I remove the annotation note of the duplicate, the annotation of the original file will also be removed. Which means that:
(2) It would be a bit tricky to create a new annotation note on the duplicate. Because I will have to remove the note in the duplicate to create a new one, but the action will also delete the note in the original document. Although the original note can be recovered from trash and be re-linked to the original pdf file by the URL method.

Just wondering if this is the intended design. While it seems natural to have the original and its dup to sharing the same tags and meta data, etc. at first creation. Due to the way annotation note is linked and removed (put into trash once it is removed and can only be relinked by URL field) in DT3, it seems more appropriate to detach the annotation note from the duplicate at first creation?
Perhaps a “link” function can be added to the drop-down in the A&R pane so that the user can relink/link any note to be shown in the pane?

I’d be curious how prevalent a behavior that would be: duplicating a PDF and annotating it separately from an annotation on a copy of the same document.

That’s why I wasn’t even aware of it until now that it’s the 1st time I tried to create a new note on the same reference for a different project. So, it’s just a clarification as the concept of a dup is to work on something new (my assumption).
However, it’s the situation I encountered in relinking the note (can’t relink the note in the same manner) that triggers the suggestion of adding a “link” function (or drag and drop to the pane…). The A&R pane is actually quite a convenient way to see the most relevant info so wouldn’t it be wonderful if the pane can allow user to link whatever doc/file they need to access handily?

Not a bug nor a pressing request, perhaps it’s just a nice feature to have.

so wouldn’t it be wonderful if the pane can allow user to link whatever doc/file they need to access handily?

I’m not sure, as I don’t have such a need. This makes it more difficult for me to see the efficacy of the operation. Others would have to weigh in on this.

Also, I wouldn’t leave it open to “whatever doc/file” since that isn’t the purpose of the Annotations file. RTF, Markdown, and plain text are supported as Annotation files, so I’d say the file types should remain limited to those (though I suppose HTML or Formatted Notes could be supported).


This is a bug, beta 4 will fix it.

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Thanks for the info.