How I simplified the way I use DevonTHINK Sync

DevonTHINK Sync was a true nightmare for me to use during many months, perhaps one year.

Until I have chosen a simple workflow and some rules never to forget. I hope this little workflow will help others DT users like I am to use without any more stress DevonTHINK Sync.

Rule 1 - Forget completely about DropBox use and DevonTHINK Dropbox Sync. If you don’t follow stricly this rule, don’t complain about DT Sync achieving mysterious and… unexpected wizardries!

Rule 2 - Forget completely about DevonThink To Go Sync. The current version is unachieved and impossible to use in everyday life. If you don’t follow stricly this rule, you will lose datas and/or duplicate datas never knowing the whys and the hows!

Rule 3 - Continue to respect strictly rule 2 at least six months after the release of the future new DevonTHINK To Go version.

Rule 4 - Use DevonTHINK Sync only on your local network.

Rule 5 - Before syncing 2 CPUs (for instance a PowerBook with an iMac), duplicate the DT databasis to synchronize on the first CPU and call it databasis-YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM.dtbase2. If there’s a problem during the sync, you still have a clean databasis to work from again.

If you don’t follow stricly this rule, you will lose data sooner or later. As far as I can say from my own everyday user experience, at least once every 3 or 4 weeks.

Rule 6 - Before syncing, use the databasis information on each CPU, look at the size of the databasis, the numbers of files per type and so on… There is no way to control or to follow efficiently the sync process on the user side, so that’s better than nothing if you would like to have an idea about what happen(s)(ed) during the sync!

Rule 7 - Version 01 - Sync (and pray or cross your fingers).
Rule 7 - Version 02 - Sync and pray or cross your fingers or toss a little salt over the shoulder or hop three times on the left foot (Korm’s suggestions added).

Rule 8 - If for one reason or another, there’s a problemn during the sync you still have the copy of your databasis on the first CPU named databasis-YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM.dtbase2. Do nothing with it, if you want to try something else, first do another copy to be sure to always keep your data in a safe place.

Rule 9 - If DT Sync has not worked at all and you are in a true mess. Install manually, by simple file transfer, the last databasis-YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM.dtbase2 copy on each CPU of your local network. Enjoy having lost nothing, except your time! :wink:

Rule 10 - Continue to enjoy working DT and, if you want to sync different CPUs, begin again the whole process! And respect it stricly, always, for the rest of your life. ( I write it never to forget it again myself, :wink: )

Hope it will help.

PS: I am fond of DT and I use it everyday. I recommand it very often, even if, until now,I think strongly that to use it on an everyday and professional basis, you need to be a very trained and experimented DT user if you don’t want to lose datas and/or become crazy…

As I explained recently in a comment on the DT Blog, I have not found, until now also, another tool like DT to manage my knowledge databasis. Evernote or DropBox are far too simple until now for what I want to do.

Tossing a little salt over the shoulder, or hopping three times on the left foot sometimes helps, too. 8)

Hi Korm,

Nice to share ideas once more!

When you enter in the dark fields of DevonTHINK Sync Wizards Kingdom, every idea is worth trying! :wink:

Some people say that these wizards can live for the eternity if they continue to steal enough datas from poor and without defense little users…

I just hope my wife is not going to look at me when I follow the new ritual workflow… :slight_smile: