How I want to use DTTG

I thought that some of my thoughts might get lost in the general forum, so I wanted to summarize them here. Hopefully this provides insight on how at least one user leverages DTP and hopes to leverage DTTG.

Taking notes -
I want to create new documents (ideally copy another doc or from a template) in meetings. I put these documents into specific folders based on who I am meeting with. I would be better able to accomplish this with some type of template or copy mechanism the same way I do in DTP today. The bigger challenge for me in this use case today is the lack of spelling correction and automatic capitalization. I expect all text editors on the iPad to work in a similar way and find these missing features to be quite frustrating.

Content consumption -
I add content into a pair of inboxes over the course of my workday. I want to sync these inboxes to DTTG and then consume the content on the iPad. For me, consumption means reading, deleting, and sorting. DTTG really falls short for me in this use case. I am not able to sync my inboxes. If I ignore my inboxes and use the global inbox, then I am not able to delete or sort the content I consume. This is a major challenge for me. I try very hard to deal with content once. I do not want to have to delete and sort the items in DTP after I read them on the iPad.

I appreciate all of the effort to get DTTG 1.0 out the door. It is stable, looks great, and for some use cases works great. I would be very interested to hear what the plans are for future releases so I know whether my requirements are mainstream or I should start looking for an alternative.

Thank you,

  • Jesse

Both are good thoughts, Jesse. I also am wanting to create documents in iPad and then get them into DTTG.

For now, I’m creating things in Pages and roundtriping the document in Word format through iDisk to DTTG. This enables me to get more robust document editing than DTTG will ever offer. Using a constellation of apps in one’s workflow is the iPad paradigm, I believe.

As you described it, what’s lacking is the ability to import to specific destinations - though that seems to be on the horizon for some future 1.x, according to recent posts from DTech. That and deletion are advances that can’t come too soon.

As far as synching the inboxes of your databases. Is it feasible in your workflow to think of the Sync groups as another kind of Inbox? I think there are lots of reasons not to allow replication on a database’s inbox, but you can do the opposite and get close to the same result: replicate the Sync group in a database to that database’s inbox. Creates a Sync group in the inbox, to which you can add things that you want sent to DTTG.


I do not want to deal with an additional app for text editing. Creating notes in DTTG for simple notes is all I am looking for. No advanced editing required, just basic text with error correction like Evernote.

Your inbox idea is a good one. Seems a little silly that I am inventing my own inbox, but it would be a reasonable interim solution. I put a large portion of my content in through the sorter, so I can replace my ‘real’ inboxes with ‘fake’ inboxes that are local folders replicated to my sync folder. Unfortunately, the lack of delete and sorting makes the inbox solution mostly irrelevant for now.

  • Jesse

Hi Jesse,

I too was surprised and irritated by the lack of spelling correction and auto-capitalization when taking plain text notes. If you open up the Settings app and scroll to the bottom you’ll see an entry for DEVONthink. It has an entry each for spelling correction and auto-capitalization. They were both enabled on my iPad, but it still didn’t work. I toggled each of the sliders off and on, and then was able to take notes with the aid of those standard iOS editing futures. I hope it works for you as well.



Thanks for the tip. Turning Capitalization and Auto Correction off and back on resolved that issue for me. I am hoping that DT will publish some futures for DTTG so I know whether I should stick with it or consider an alternative.

  • Jesse