How long before I get my codes?

Ordered the Infoworker bundle last Sunday. Now, almost a week after, still no codes for Think nor Agent. In the prompt mail it stated up to two days before generating the code. Well. How long before the code is sent as well? Agent expired long time ago - only got to use it a couple of times, but I was impressed enough with it to buy it. Think I’m afraid of using too much - if the codes take this long to get here I fear I’ll loose the stuff I have generated in Think.
Imagine the horror. The horror…
So, Devon-guys, are you playing business or doing business?

Still, Think Pro looks sweet. To bad if waste of money!


My guess is that the DEVONtechnologies staff are burning the candle at both ends to finalize some products.

But you should have gotten your registration codes within 2 days. I’ve sent an email to the developers supporting your request.

DEVONthink is certainly the most important software on my own computer, and I can’t imagine doing without it. :slight_smile:

But there’s one thing I just don’t understand:

almost all applications I ever bought online sent me the licence code automatically, as soon as I had sent the money.

And what’s more: if you’ve forgotten your password and send a reminder to Devon, you get your password immediately. Wouldn’t it be possible to procure licence codes in an identical way?

It all depends on how the codes are created, some companies (like eSellerate) offer you the possibility to use their "code creator engine" to create the code.  eSellerate also allows you to upload a file with codes that can be sent out.

But if you have your own code creator that your “seller company” can’t use on their machines then the info has to be sent to you and then you have to generate the serial number and send it out (which can be caught by a spam filter).

I have no idea how Devon Technologies handles this, just trying to give som possible explainations why a company doesn’t send out the codes at once.

Thank you, jem!

But  ……… in a case like this, it would be nice to get an answer from who’s in charge at Devon’s too.

To be honest, I sometimes get the impression Devon’s staff rarely reads the messages that are posted on its own forum.

I can actually understand if they don’t read the forum (they do, but perhaps not every day). Forums are usually a way for users to talk to each other, to get support from a company the best way is usually to send an email to support or sales or some similar address.

(Reading or should I say checking the forums take so much time that many avoid them … I’m usually one of them)

Monday 11th and still no code. I have sent emails asking, but no reply. Thought they actually wanted customers buying their products - but if people are to bother spending hard earned money on them, they kinda want something in return. After all - it’s only some numbers and letters (or however the code looks like).
This is computers, right? How hard is it to program it to make a code. Or is he (or she) throwing dice to generate code? If so, maybe they should get more dices.

Just my kinda frustrated 2 cents.

To which address have you sent your e-mails? We usually reply within 24 hours or at least two business days. We have two license code e-mails here on our server that came back with a bounce because of a wrong e-mail address.

Please, give send us your details again so that we can track down your order and send you the codes you have purchased.

Sorry for all the inconveniences,

Eric Böhnisch

Everything turned out well. Very well. Got my codes today ;D
DEVONthink and DEVONagent are, from this day forth, standard equipment on my portable worktop.

Thanks, Eric for the chat and prompt help. Looking for the Pro-version.

8) stuff in the works, it seems.