How many documents? Server needed?


The coming monts I will archive a lot PDF’s and documents in Devon. How many PDF’s or documents can DevonPro handle?

  • Is it better to link the documents or to incorporate it in Devon. I prefer the last.
  • Is it safe to store all those valuable PDF’s in one file? Can’t the better be backup also?
  • Do I need to store that data on a separate server, or can they be stored om my Mac Book Pro?

Please advice me on this.


There is no limit on how many PDFs DEVONthink can handle. It’s safe to store all PDFs in one database, but you should make sure to backup your database regularly. PDFs are stores as separate files in the database package so they’re safe even when DEVONthink itself should stop working.

You can store them on both your local Mac or a file server. A file server may be safer depending on your configuration but is also much slower.