How many licenses should/would I need to have?

I have two machines, my iMac and my Macbook. I have been demoing DTP, and am about to purchase it. With most software, I can use the same registration code to install on both my machines, with the (correct) assumption that I only use one machine at a time.

My questions: will that work with Devon, or does it use serial number detection to keep on license per machine? Is doing the one serial thing within the terms of Devon’s license/practice? And finally, if I do use a single serial, can I keep copies of DTP open simultaneously on the two machines (not to use them both at once - but many times I keep all my regular programs continuously open, so I can just grab my portable and go, then return home and start working again.)

thanks. I am willing to buy two licenses, if need be, of course. But (also of course) I would prefer not to.

Yes. Your proposed usage is consistent with our license conditions.

We want DEVONthink Pro to become an important part of your computing environment. :slight_smile:

But of course it wouldn’t be legal to distribute your license code to others.