how many words in the whole database?


this may be obvious, but I cannot find it anywhere: How can I find out how many words there are in my whole database? The word counting only works with single files, not with groups of files (or the whole database).

Thanks for any advice!

Click on "File", then "Database Properties" and you will see the statistic.
Now can someone enlighten me as to why this is useful  ???

now that was quite obvisous  ::slight_smile:

overall statistics can be useful for several purposes – anyway i wanted to know how much my database had grown.

now that i know how to look this up, there seems to be a problem:
one part of my db consists of 40 texts, each about 8’000 words long (which is about 320’000 words). there are still tons of other texts.

yet the “database properties” info panel tells me there are 190’000 words. this cannot be true. what goes wrong?

I’ve done some testing with the “Database Property” feature. In fact, it seems to me that it shows how many different words there are in a database (types), and not how many words if you count every single occurrence of any word (tokens).

Does anybody know how I can find out how many words (tokens) there are in my database?

It’s not yet possible to get the total number of words as the properties panel only displays the number of unique words. However, using DT Pro one could easily write a script to count all words of the selected contents (might be a little bit slower than an integrated solution but should be sufficient for such rare requests/needs).

DT Pro will include a script to count the words of the selected contents/groups (just added this to the current build).