how often do you need to "reindex-metadata"?

Hi All,

I’ve finally migrated my whole digital life to DT :slight_smile: and I’m using iPad heavily (at least 70% of my work time). Currently I manage 29 GB of Data, 51.000 files and 12 databases on my iPad.

On a regular basis I perform a service task “reindex-metadata” using URL command.
This is not fun, but needed in my case. Metadata of all DBs is reindexed, this takes time. I do this because I realize very often (lets say once a week) a particular file cannot be found by searching for name. Especially (but not limited to) if I create lot of new entries in a DB, e. g. by indexing a folder on my Mac (lot of digital images) and then this gets synced via iCloud to my iPad. A week ago I got about 6.500 new entries in one of my DBs and after syncing I saw a counter “2.800 files indexing” (or so) on my iPad, 2.800 is much less than 6.500 - and it was easy to run into my “cannot find by name” issue.

What is your experience? how often do you search by name? how many files do you have on your iPad? ever perfomed “reindex-metadata”? - I ask just to see if I have any special circumstances or do anything wrong etc. before raising a support ticket (and waste time of DT support heroes :slight_smile:)

Thank you.


Adding 6500 files per week, would definitely be seen as unusual, especially if this is a common occurrence.