How robust are item links?

If I create a link to an item, and then move the item from database A to database B, will the link still work? (Assuming that the new database is accessible when the link is accessed, of course.)

The specific use case is that I use a “working” database for current projects, then move materials from it to an “archive” database once a given project is finished. So I’d like to link to items while they’re in the working database, either from other notes in DevonThink, or from other applications like Scrivener, but preserve those connections in case I revisit the same topic in the future.

These are links for my own use, so they only need to function between items on the same system, not across the web or anything like that.



Clicking a link opens the database if necessary.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

And thanks for clarifying “accessible.” I was mostly thinking of cases like the new database being on a different and inaccessible volume, not just closed.

If the database isn’t accessible, the link wouldn’t work until it became accessible.

Yes, of course.