How to active Outlook 2011

Dear All,

I am new to Devothink, using pro version. I want my Outlook 2011 to be indexed and searchable. The tried the following way:

selected open - new database - ms office - ms outlook.

Message: initialization database couldn’t be created.

Please advise?


What does


Outlook doesn’t store its data in a DEVONthink database.

Thanks for the relpy. How do i get Devonthink search my outlook?

You will need to import the messages to DEVONthink. If you are using DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office, with Outlook frontmost click on the Scripts button in the menubar. You should see a script for capture of messages to your database.

Is this in Outlook? I tried to find it but no success.


If you are using DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office, and ran the Install Add-Ons routine after first launch of your application, scripts were installed including two scripts for capturing selected Microsoft Outlook message(s) or mailbox. The scripts are available under the Scripts menu in the menubar.


I came across this thread after I ran into problems importing Outlook 2011 into DTPO 2.5.

I cannot seem to locate the scripts mentioned in the previous posts. I know I had installed the add-on scripts and application scripts, but despite this, I do not see the DTP scripts from within Outlook. I also cannot import the Outlook messages directly into DTPO using the File > Import > EMail menus. The resulting import screen doesn’t show my Outlook mailbox structure. I can import messages after dragging them onto the desktop (.EML files), and then drag those into a folder I created for Outlook in DTPO. This doesn’t use the existing folder structure I have in my mailbox.

Do you have any ideas on his to remedy this situation?



I cannot locate the scripts either. I just re-installed DTPO to be sure and no scripts show up in the menu bar when outlook is in front and in focus. All that I get is a message that says: “This menu contains AppleScripts and Automator workflows for Microsoft Outlook”… To add a script or workflow to this menu, copy it to … and it gives the path.

Is outlook still supported?


I think I found the confusion. There at TWO different script options in the menu bar:

  1. When outlook is selected… there is an outlook scripts that is actually on the LEFT side of screen (in the Outlook section)… within that section… it is the left most icon.

  2. There is a second and independent “system wide” scripts icon in the group of menu items on the RIGHT side of the screen. Sometimes this is visible, and sometimes it is not. If not, you need to launch applications > utilities > Script editor > Preferences… and then instruct it to display the script icon in the menu bar.

At that point, you can use the 2nd script button… located in the set of menu bar icons on the right side of the screen.