How to add a search tool?

I have a particular search tool that I would like to add as a Search Set and am having difficulty doing it. :frowning: The search tool is found here:

I would be very grateful for advice on how to do this. Many thanks.

Ah, I have just realised that this might not be possible as the search tool requires to be opened so as to fill in all the details! Will save it as a bookmark. Stupid me :blush:

It’s just a customized Google search, therefore it should be possible to create such a plug-in by e.g. duplicating the Google plug-in and adapting the EngineURL key.

Sorry, you have lost me :confused: Any help in doing this would be appreciated. Cheers.

  1. Open the Plugins & Scanners panel (see Windows menu)
  2. Select the Google plugin
  3. Duplicate it (see contextual menu)
  4. Select the copy and edit it
  5. Customize the EngineURL string

However, I’ve just noticed that this webpage creates only the query for an ordinary Google search, therefore a customized plugin isn’t necessary/useful actually.