How to add labels to annotations automatically?

I use the Annotations facility. I’d like my annotations to get a certain label automatically when they are created. Is there a way to do this?

You could use a smart rule, like this…

However, there’s a bug I’ve reported about the Annotation file not triggering the On Creation event. You could always run this hourly or on demand.

PS: While it may seem illogical to have a criterion Label is … for a file that hasn’t been created yet, I included this in case someone generated more than one Annotation file in an hour (or day). If you didn’t they would process again since they’d still match.

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Just wondering but what exactly is the purpose of this label?

@BLUEFROG Using a Smart Rule was going to be my fallback attempt, but because template files inherit file tags, I was wondering if there was a similarly direct way to assign labels (instead of tags) to annotation files. (Not necessarily by doing something with the template file – I was thinking I probably didn’t know about some other feature, hence my question.) Using Smart Rules is a reasonable alternative!

@cgrunenberg In my case, I have a specific label that I put on notes that I write myself. The reason I do this is to leverage the way DEVONthink tints the icon of an item based on its label color. The way that I organize files ends up with a mix of my own notes and other materials, and the color makes it possible for me to spot my own notes a little more easily.

because template files inherit file tags

? Are you referring to a custom Annotation template you created?

Yes. If I put a tag in the Finder on the custom annotation template file, it gets inherited when I create a new annotation on a document.

Ahh… that clears it up.