How to add new files to an indexed database?

I have created an indexed database that is reading my file structure on my mac. The point that confuses me is this:

  1. To keep the Indexed database and the files in my folder structure synched do I simply hit synchronize daily?
  2. When I want to add text to the database using the bookmarklets how does that text get synched with my files in my folder structure?
  3. Do I have to add all new data in the file structure on my mac or can I also add data right into the indexed database and then find the data in the file structure after synching or indexing. It’a a bit confusing to me.

I want to keep the indexed database and the file structure the same as I add data to the indexed database. Thanks for your help.

Synchronization is one-way only, FROM the Index-captured item in the Finder TO it’s corresponding item in the DT database.

Index-captured items in a database are indicated by a ‘curved arrow’ symbol.

If an Index-captured item in a database is selected and the command ‘File > Synchronize’ is invoked, the externally linked item corresponding to the database item is re-Indexed such that changes will be sent FROM the external item (folder or file) TO the database item (group or document). But changes made inside the database will NOT be sent to the external item.

Note that as one works with a database, actions such as scanning PDFs into a database, Import-capturing items, writing notes into the database and/or using smart templates and capturing data from the Web result in storage of files inside the database package file rather than externally-linked files. The database now contains items that have no corresponding items in the Finder.

Bottom line: It’s a relatively simple matter to keep an Index-captured group synchronized to the external folder, but if other content is added to that group it will NOT be sent to the external folder. Even if one starts a database by Indexing it from Finder folders and files, many activities normal to working in the database will result in increasing divergence of database content from content external to the database.

CONCLUSION: For most users and for most purposes attempting to keep the content of a database and the content of external files in the Finder parallel isn’t a simple matter and would either result in severe limitation of actions within the database, or in a great deal of extra work to export content from the database to the Finder.

As for me, I generally prefer self-contained databases that I often move among my computers, so once I’ve captured files from the Finder into my database I no longer care about the files that are external to the database — I have no interest or need to keep the Finder synchronized to my database content.

The exception to that ‘general preference’ would be a case such as the need to share some content with a separate citation manager database, for example.