How to Add / Subtract Scripts From the Menu

Hello –

I have two identically named scripts listed in the scripts menu: “add as to do in omnifocus”. One of these two scripts works as I want it to, and opens and adds an item to my latest version of OmniFocus 2 (so that’s good). The other script tries to open the old version of OmniFocus 1, so I want to get rid of that script if I can, or at least get it off the menu.

The way scripts are organized behind the scenes is not quite as obvious as it used to be; I’m now on DTPO 2.9.15 and it appears the scripts are not at Library>Scripts>Application>DevenThinkPro which is now empty and is where I think they used to be.

Now the scripts appear to be in the DTPO package directly within Applications, including at Applications>DTPO>Scripts and Applications>DTPO>Script Menu (and perhaps other places?).

I describe the above just for context, in case I am looking at something that is actually different from what it should be. Anyway, in looking all around in this, I can’t figure out how to add or subtract scripts from the “Scripts” menu on the tool bar. I don’t want to accidentally break anything.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

The scripts are at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Scripts. You missed the tilde (~) for the User Library. You can add, remove, and reorganize this directory in the Finder as you see fit.

Do not mess about in the application package. Close your eyes, backup slowly, close the package, forget what you’ve seen. :mrgreen:

I swear, I didn’t see anything and I won’t say anything. I don’t even WANNA know what was going on with the sheep!

FWIW, with regard to the source of my confusion; There are certain empty DTPO related folders remaining in my system presumably where such things used to from my prior older version of DTPO, …I had not noticed where the actual relevant files were because I kept finding those empty folders first. At least, I think that is what was happening.

With your help I’ve now found the relevant file structure, and file. Thank you.

No problem. Cheers!