How to annotate a file in DEVONThink Personal Edition

I am a new user to DEVONThink Personal Edition. The primary use case I had in mind when signing up was be able to associate notes with research papers I read. More specifically I would like to be able to import a PDF of a given research paper and then write my thoughts about the paper; I would like these thoughts to be linked to the research paper, though I’m not interested in marking up the PDF itself. I don’t see how this can be done in DEVONThink Personal edition. I know a colleague who does this in the Pro edition using Annotations but in the Personal edition I do not see the option for Annotations. I’ve tried accomplishing this with Notes but I don’t see how to link a Note to a PDF file. I’ve searched for this issue but haven’t come up with anything.

Thanks for your help.

You can create a rich text note and link it to the referenced PDF. To create such a link select the PDF and choose Edit > Copy Item Link, then paste it into your note.

You might also want to give your note the same Name as the PDF, and add the suffix “Note”. If you save the note in the same group as the PDF, they will be adjacent when sorted by Name.

That’s pretty close to the features of the Annotation template, and will work in DEVONthink Personal. It’s the approach I used for years.