how to apply CSS when using Clip to PDF Bookmarklet?

Hey everyone,

I use Chrome on Mac OSX Yosemite to view articles on the web. Some of these articles I want to capture to DevonThink Pro Office as PDF. Obviously I want only a clean ad-free rendering of the article, so my process is this:

  1. View article in Chrome
  2. Click Chrome extension Readability “Read Now” button to create a clean ad-free view of the article
  3. Click on the “PDF” bookmarklet

Problem: I want to use Georgia font rather than Readability’s default font in the generated PDF.

So: I use a Chrome extension called StyleBot to add CSS to the Readability view of the page, to change the body font to Georgia. In the past, this font substitution was successfully reflected in the generated PDF when I clicked on the PDF bookmarklet.

However, after a recent DevonThink update, this no longer works. I still see the desired font when I view the Readability view of the article in Chrome; but the PDF generated by DevonThink Pro Office reflects Readability’s default font, not my desired font.

How can I change the font DevonThink Pro Office uses to generate the Readability PDF?

Thanks in advance!