How to archive invalid RSS Feeds

Hi there,

is there a quick option to either

  • exclude individual feeds from updating or
  • archive all items of a feed?

I have a collection of feeds, of which some are no longer valid (URL does no longer exist) and these feeds throw errors in the log, accordingly.

I would like to keep the items of the feed but do not need to include the feeds in the regular updates, but so far have not been able to discover an option to manage subscription preferences on a per-feed-basis.

Any help or hint is welcome. :slight_smile:

Removing the URL of the feed (see Info inspector) should be sufficient.

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argh - the most obvious solution escaped me. Thanks very much, seems to be working like a charm. I’ve deleted the URLs, restarted DT and the log shows no errors so far.

Hi, I have a feed where the error message is “A server with the specified host name cannot be found” and there was no URL in the info filed. What should I do? The error message comes up in the Log every 15 minutes… BTW your suggestion about deleting the URL worked for another feed which was stopped

A screenshot of the message might be useful.