How to attach the colors icon to the DTP 3b.x toolbar?

I tried hard to get the icon of the colors pane into the DTPro 3b6 toolbar - to no avail.
Would a kind knowing soul unveil the mystery ?
Thanks for any help.

There’s no more toolbar item to open the Colors panel but the editing bar contains such an icon.

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indeed, thank you a lot!
Even better this way.
So, the new layout is just still too new, obviously :slight_smile:

Also, you should be able to use Shift-Command-C to open the Apple color picker at any time.

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Thank you for the hint.
I already had tried several times to use this shortcut you mention but obviously it is covered by another macro on my Mac.
Now with cgrunenberg’s tip I’m totally fine

You’re welcome. Do note you can modify some hotkeys in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts too.


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Thank you again.
The macro in question, though, will have to be found in Keyboard Maestro as I exclusively use this application for this purpose.